Latest market news: Futures for North America’s major stock markets were trading higher Friday morning, but at a slower pace than Thursday’s rally. Corporate earnings results from Morgan Stanley will wrap up reporting from the big U.S. banks today. (Updated April 16, 2021)

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Current performance

Here are last week’s numbers for the North American and international investment markets. (This chart is updated Monday afternoon based on the previous Friday’s market close figures.)

The stock and bond market*
S&P/TSX Composite 19,228.03 1.25% 10.29%
Dow Jones Industrial Avg. 33,800.60 1.95% 10.44%
S&P 500 Index 4,128.80 2.71% 9.92%
NASDAQ Composite 13,900.19 3.12% 7.85%
10-yr GoC Yield 1.50% -0.01% 0.83%
10-yr U.S. Treasury Yield 1.67% -0.02% 0.74%
WTI Crude Oil (US$/bbl) 59.34 -3.10% 22.30%
Canadian Dollar US$0.7972 0.16% 1.50%
Bank of Canada Prime Rate 2.45%

*Weekly performance ending April 9, 2021. Sources:, and

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Recent market performance has been unpredictable, and that can be alarming for investors. Remember that periods of volatility are a normal part of the investing process and should be expected. Refer to these resources to learn more about navigating market ups and downs, so you can benefit in the long term:

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