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Retrieving unclaimed property

Unclaimed property is money held by The Co-operators group of companies which may be payable to you under the terms of a financial product or an insurance contract. This could include claim payments, premium refunds, or policy payouts.

The provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, New Brunswick and Quebec have regulations requiring the holders of unclaimed property to make reasonable efforts to locate and contact their rightful owners if their last known address is in one of the provinces listed above.

For residents of British Columbia and New Brunswick, the below list contains the names of all individuals currently owed an outstanding debt or obligation by The Co-operators Group Limited and/or its subsidiaries (collectively“The Co-operators” ) that is older than 1 year from the time of disbursement:

Unclaimed Property List

If your name appears on this list above, or you are a resident of another province or territory and believe that you, or someone upon whose behalf you are acting, are the owner of unclaimed property being held by The Co-operators Group Limited, you can initiate a search using The Co-operators Unclaimed Property Request Form.

To initiate a search for unclaimed properties, please complete the above form and send any supporting documentation to A representative will contact you within 30 days.

Note: Failure to provide the necessary information request on the form may result in your claim being delayed or denied.

For more information on provincial requirements for unclaimed property, please visit your provincial government website:


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