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Service Review Panel

A panel of client volunteers

As a co-operative, we’re closely connected to our clients and focused on serving you better. In 1990, we launched the Service Review Panel to help resolve client concerns. The panel is made up of volunteer clients, people just like you. They aren’t insurance experts and they don’t work in the industry, so they bring fresh eyes and open minds to find fair solutions.

Because it’s rare for client complaints to escalate to this stage, the national panel only meets every two or three months. They talk about client issues, offer insights and advice about client concerns, and suggest changes to how we deal with similar cases in the future. The panel handles settlements of up to $30,000.

We’re bound by the panel’s decision

If the panel decides that the outcome needs to change, we follow their recommendation. For you, the outcome will either stay the same or change for the better. You don’t give up any rights when you submit an appeal to the panel, and you can still access other ways to appeal.

Beyond the panel’s scope

The panel does not have the authority to deal with:

  • personal injury
  • the issuance, non-renewal or cancellation of an insurance policy
  • coverage claims prescribed by law
  • insurance premium amounts
  • rating policies
  • matters relating to Facility Association or Echelon insurance policies
  • issues that are before the courts
Panel submission process

All panel submissions are in writing. After completing the application, simply return it to the address shown on the form along with any documentation supporting your appeal. The panel chairperson will advise you of the panel’s decision within two to three weeks following the meeting.

For more information, e-mail

Read the Service Review Panel Brochure

Complete the Service Review Panel Application (fillable form)