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Our co-operative difference

Being a co-operative is core to our identity and our business. Find out how our co-op commitment benefits our members, clients and communities. 

Inspiring a unique client experience

While “co-op” is in our name, you may not know that we’re a Canadian-owned co-operative. But what does that mean, and why is it important to you?

Like all co-operatives, our business decisions are guided by . That means we balance the need for profitability with the needs of our members, clients and communities. Making people a priority, taking a long-term view and operating in a sustainable way sets us apart from many shareholder-run companies. Our co-op values inspire a unique insurance and financial services experience, one that puts you first and works to meet your needs.

Creating a sustainable future, together

In 1945, a group of farmers and social pioneers discovered they had common needs that traditional insurance companies couldn’t meet, so they decided to work together. Our co-operative was formed to meet their collective insurance needs. More than 75 years later, we’re as committed to our co-operative identity as we’ve ever been.

As a co-op, . Looking forward, we’re well-positioned to support our communities through difficult times. When we work together, we can find long-term solutions to the complex challenges we face today.

Serving the needs of our members

Co-ops are member controlled. In our case, we’re governed by a group of member organizations that use our products and services. We’re motivated and guided by people across the country, not by the maximization of profits.

Our diverse membership represents a variety of industries and sectors across Canada. You don’t need to be a member to become a Co-operators client, but membership does come with benefits. Each member has an equal voice in our governance and enjoys shared profits and perks.

Declaring our co-op identity

What does being a co-operative mean to us? To achieve a shared understanding, we abide by the Declaration of Our Co-operative Identity in all aspects of our business. We hope this declaration inspires our members, workforce, clients and partners to continue to bring co-op values to life for the benefit of us all.