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Public Statement on Fair Treatment of Customers

This statement may be amended from time to time. The most current version of this statement was updated April 2024. For more information, you can make an inquiry with

Co-operators’ Commitment and Values

The Co-operators group of companies1 is committed to the fair treatment of customers. This is embedded in the organization’s co-operative values, culture, and ethics.

At Co-operators, we value integrity, treating our members and customers with respect, supporting our employees, giving life to co-operative principles and values, and balancing our economic goals with concern for the environment and the welfare of Canadians. Our customers are at the core of our business and the forefront of our strategy and service.

You, our Customers

We believe the world is a better place when we take care of the things that matter whilst acting ethically, fairly and responsibly. As a financial services provider instilled with co-operative values, we believe we have a responsibility to help build stronger, safer communities. Making people a priority and taking a long-term view of business decisions makes Co-operators fundamentally different from most financial services companies. This means developing and promoting products that are suited for our customers and the communities we serve.

Our Products and Services

We make it our business to identify and meet the needs of our customers. A changing climate, shifting demographics, disruptive technologies and more are leading to new, unmet needs. Guided by our co‑operative principles, we remain focused on keeping ahead of the industry on issues that are threatening financial security and peace of mind by developing responsive products and services aligned with our commitment to fair treatment of customers.

Guiding Principles for Treating Customers Fairly

In support of our commitment to treating customers fairly, we aim:

  1. To design, develop and deliver products that are suited to customer needs
    Co-operators is dedicated to designing, developing, and delivering products that meet the needs and expectations of the customers we aim to serve. We administer our products through appropriate and suitable distribution channels and engage in ongoing communication and monitoring activities to ensure our products and services continue to meet the needs of customers in the marketplace over time.

  3. To enable our professionals to deliver the standard of service our clients have been promised
    Our professionals are enabled to provide accurate and reliable service that meet the needs of our customers through our distribution channels. Co-operators is committed to offering distribution intermediaries tools and training to support their servicing of customers, identifying suitable products and accurately articulating their benefits and limitations as well as managing identified conflicts of interest.

  5. To provide clear, accurate and sufficient information enabling customers to make informed decisions
    Our professionals are committed to promoting products in a manner that is clear, fair, and not misleading. Our approach is to use plain language wherever possible and to clearly explain jargon or industry terms that may otherwise be unclear. If there is a potential risk that a product could adversely affect a consumer based on their circumstances, they are encouraged to seek professional advice.

  7. To deliver ongoing, regular, and clear information and advice to our clients throughout the product lifecycle
    Our professionals endeavour to provide customers with personalized advice and only offer products that are suited to their needs following consideration of their circumstances, financial knowledge, and risk profile. Over the course of the relationship and lifecycle of our products, our professionals are enabled to assist our customers, draw their attention to beneficial options, and verify continued product suitability.

  9. To handle claims diligently through an accessible process and be responsive to complaints and concerns
    Co-operators aims to provide the best possible customer experience and is committed to handling claims and complaints in a timely and fair manner that respects the dignity and accessibility needs of our customers. We will ensure that the steps of our claims and complaint handling processes are clearly communicated and that customers are informed about our usual time frames for claim settlement and complaint resolution.

  11. To prioritize the security and protection of our customer’s personal information
    Co-operators will continue to enforce a rigorous commitment to the privacy and protection of personal information entrusted to us by our customers. In support of this responsibility, we maintain appropriate policies and procedures for the protection and use of customer information, develop security controls aligned with current and emerging practices and monitor security safeguards.

How We Address Your Questions or Concerns

Co-operators handles customer inquiries and complaints in a professional manner. Our Complaints Handling Procedure outlines the key steps that a customer should take in the event they wish to provide us with feedback or bring a concern forward.

1 Co-operators group of companies includes: Co-operators General Insurance Company, Co-operators Life Insurance Company, CUMIS General Insurance Company, and The Sovereign General Insurance Company