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Complete insurance coverage for non-profit organizations

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The only product of its kind in Canada, Community Guard® is a carefully chosen suite of affordable insurance options designed to protect non-profit and voluntary organizations. It’s our way of supporting those who support our communities.

Take advantage of built-in benefits

With us as your partner, you’ll save time and money, and the hassle of securing coverage and financial services through multiple carriers.

Stable premiums
Ensure that your rates never increase by more than 5% a year, if your coverage stays the same and you stay claims-free. If a larger increase is necessary, we’ll let you know at least 12 months in advance, so you have time to adjust your budget.
Automatic savings
Benefit from our free monthly payment plan, which protects your organization from unnecessary fees. You could save the equivalent of 4% to 12% of your annual premium costs.
Helpful resources
Get information, tips, and insights around risk management that help strengthen your organization’s overall resilience.
Legal assistance helpline
Included with your policy, the helpline allows you to speak with a lawyer in confidence, at no additional cost and with no impact to your policy.
Convenient access
Easily connect with an experienced financial representative, online or by phone, for personalized advice and 24-hour claims assistance.
Community values

Take comfort in knowing that we, as a co-operative and a long-standing member of Imagine Canada, regularly give back through financial support and active participation to communities just like yours.

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Create a customized plan

With Community Guard, you’ll have all the protection and financial-services support you need in one convenient package. Choose from these types of coverage to build the right plan for your organization:

Essential liability

Protect against lawsuits with:

Specialty business liability

Protect against claims with:

Cyber liability

Protect against data breaches with:

  • Cyber Guard (standard package)
  • Cyber Guard Select (upgraded package, with higher limits, flexible add-ons and more coverage)
  • Free, 24/7 claims support and emergency-response services (available in both packages)


Protect owned buildings and property with:


Protect money and securities with:

Group benefits*

Protect the health of your employees with:

Group retirement*

Help your employees save for retirement with:

Put Community Guard to work for your organization

With the help of a Co-operators financial representative, you’ll get a customized plan, as well as the training and support you need to maintain it.

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*Group Benefits and Group Retirement offerings are not available with Community Guard® in Quebec.
Community Guard® is a registered trademark of Co-operators General Insurance Company.