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Stay one step ahead of cyber threats with Co-operators Cyber Guard

In our connected world, cyber breaches pose a threat to businesses of all sizes. Organizations that handle or store personal data – belonging to customers, employees and/or business associates – within a digital medium must be extra vigilant. All it takes is one misplaced laptop or one click on a malicious email for unauthorized users to gain access to private or sensitive information. More than disrupting day-to-day operations, a cyber breach can jeopardize the hard-earned reputation of the entire business.

Cyber Guard: protection for today’s digital landscape

Included on eligible Cooperators Business insurance policies, our standard Cyber Guard package provides a base-level of protection if your confidential data is compromised. Coverage includes:

  • Privacy Breach Expenses – for unexpected expenses and/or costs of complying with privacy laws if your business loses personal information.
  • Business Interruption – for lost income or increased costs if your business operations are interrupted by a privacy breach event.

With the standard package, a combined maximum limit of $25,000 applies to claims for expenses and interruptions. No deductibles are applied to any privacy breach claims.

Cyber Guard Select: enhanced protection for your specific business needs

While no business is immune from cyber threats, no business is exactly like yours. Our holistic cyber-insurance package – with more protection, higher limits and flexible add-ons – expands your standard protection (as outlined above) to address the unique risks to your business. With Cyber Guard Select you get complete coverage for the most common cyber threats, including:

  • Privacy Breach Expenses – as defined above, with increased limits of up to $10 million.
  • Business Interruption – as defined above, with increased limits of up to $5 million.
  • Cyber Event Liability – for third-party lawsuits resulting from a cyber event.
  • Privacy Regulatory Liability – for taxes, fines and penalties from a potential regulatory proceeding in response to a cyber event.

Plus, you can choose from any combination of nine optional protections to support your business needs even more, including:

Protection What's covered? Example
Media Liability Third-party claims against your business for inaccurate or plagiarized publications, trademark infringement and other media breaches. A real estate team hires a freelancer to design a new logo. A few months after selecting a design and launching the logo publicly, the broker receives a cease-and-desist letter from a third party, claiming the logo violates their trademark. Media Liability covers the expenses and damages the broker is legally obligated to pay to the third party.
Digital Asset Loss Your costs to restore corrupted, damaged or deleted digital assets. This includes costs to determine whether assets can be restored. An architectural firm loses a set of 3D CAD drawings – which took months of work – for a new building, days before the project’s delivery date. This puts the firm in danger of losing its contract with the client. Digital Asset Loss covers the costs to recover the CAD drawings.
Cyber Extortion Threat Extortion demands against your business for money or property. Cyber criminals encrypt a school board’s servers and demand a ransom to prevent publication of student records. Cyber Extortion Threat covers the costs to hire forensics experts who investigate, contact the criminals and pay the ransom.
Reward Expenses Your fulfillment of reasonable monetary rewards when information leads to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for a cyber event. A restaurant chain is victimized by a privacy breach. After obtaining their insurer’s consent, they offer a reward for information. An anonymous person steps forward, which leads to the perpetrator’s conviction. Reward Expenses covers the payment to the informant.
Crisis Management Your costs and expenses for crisis-management consultation with a lawyer or public relations firm in response to a cyber event. A home business has their customer information exposed, and the local media publishes the story. Crisis Management covers the cost of hiring a firm to handle communication and preserve the company’s public image.
Payment Card Loss Fines, reimbursements and recovery fees, including card reissuance costs, if your customer payment card data is compromised. A retailer suffers a privacy breach in which thousands of customer credit-card numbers are taken from their network. Payment Card Loss covers the costs of reissuing compromised cards, and any regulatory implications.
Social Engineering Lost funds resulting from a good-faith mistake by an employee. The Finance VP of a wholesaler receives a request from a person, who they mistake to be the CEO, asking for an urgent money transfer to a supplier. The VP obliges and makes the transfer, but it turns out that the account belongs to a scammer. Social Engineering covers the lost funds.
Funds Transfer Fraud Funds you lose due to unauthorized access to your computer systems. A criminal accesses a toy company’s network and uses their computers to transfer money to a foreign bank account. The company discovers the theft while conducting a month-end account reconciliation. Funds Transfer Fraud covers the lost funds.
Telecommunications Fraud Expenses you incur for the intentional misuse of your telephone system. A hacker accesses a manufacturing plant’s phone system and uses it to make unauthorized long-distance calls. The plant realizes they’ve been victimized when they receive their monthly phone bill. Telecommunications Fraud covers the cost of the fraudulent phone calls.

Subject to the prior written consent of Cooperators.

Not sure which options are right for your business? Speak with a knowledgeable Cooperators Financial Advisor. They can provide the advice you need to ensure the right protection against cyber threats.

Need expert advice and claims support? We’ve got you covered.

Both our standard Cyber Guard and enhanced Cyber Guard Select packages include free access to claims support, emergency-response services and prevention tips from our dedicated risk-management partner, CyberScout® (a SontiqTM brand). CyberScout claims-response experts are available to serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their investigative Breach Response team helps to keep your business up and running, and your peace of mind in check. Call CyberScout for cyber-incident management, as well as tools and resources to help you prevent and prepare for cyber events.

Coverage provided on a claims made and reported basis, i.e. claims must be made against the insured and reported during the policy period for coverage to apply. Commercial insurance is underwritten by Cooperators General Insurance Company. Please refer to your policy for applicable coverage limitations and exclusions. Not all products are available in all provinces.

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