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When to update your coverage

To ensure that you are adequately protected, your Auto, Home and Life insurance policies should reflect the changes in your life.

Let your Financial Advisor know if any of the following events occur so your insurance can be adjusted to meet your current need.

Your family situation has changed

If you’ve been married, divorced, or had a child, update your coverage to include or remove family members.  

Your commute has changed

If you’re now driving longer or shorter distances to work, make sure you’re adequately covered. In most cases, you can save money on your premiums if you have a shorter drive.

Your job and income have changed

Update your Life policies if you’re no longer covered through work, or if you’ve retired. Auto policies should also be changed upon retirement because you no longer commute.

You’ve renovated or made a major purchase

Home improvements and new contents add to the total value of your home. Contact your Financial Advisor before you renovate, because improvements/renovations may impact your insurance coverage.

You’ve rented your first apartment

Ask us about getting a tenants policy to make sure you and your possessions are covered.