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Reduce your risk of auto theft

Car theft is fast becoming a national crisis in Canada. According to a recent report by Equite Association, auto theft jumped sharply over the last three years with Ontario (up 48.2%), Québec (up 57.9%), and Atlantic Canada (up 34%) leading the trend. So much so, a vehicle is now stolen every five minutes.

While it takes auto thieves only about 60 seconds to steal a car, the emotional and financial impacts are far more enduring. It not only violates and inconveniences drivers, but it also makes families fear for their safety and pushes insurance premiums higher for everyone.

To stop auto theft in its tracks and offer you greater peace of mind, Co-operators is working with all levels of government, law enforcement and the auto industry. In Ontario and Quebec, we have also partnered with Tag, a market-leading auto security system. Tag takes a multi-level prevention, tracking and identification approach to deter theft and recover stolen vehicles.

As part of this partnership, we’ve negotiated discounts and will pay a portion of the installation fee for a Tag device to help protect your vehicle. Installing Tag will not only enhance your vehicle's security but may also have a positive impact on your auto insurance premiums. If your make or model are at higher risk of theft, reducing that risk with Tag could potentially result in a decrease in your insurance rates.

How does Tag work?

Prevention: Discrete Tag logos are etched on the front windows of your vehicle to warn would-be-thieves that your vehicle is monitored and protected.

Detection: Multiple wireless transponders are hidden throughout your vehicle, making it easy to track if it’s stolen. Individual car components are also tagged, making it harder for thieves to sell stolen parts.

Recovery: Tag’s signal cannot be ‘jammed’, and its team of tracking technicians are on call 24/7. In the case of theft, you call the Tag Tracking Central and its tracking team is dispatched to locate your vehicle.

Why should I install Tag?

  • Proven anti-theft and recovery protection
  • A one-time installation cost with no recurring fee
  • Wireless technology independent of your vehicle, so you don’t need to worry about warranties
  • Privacy, which means you own the relationship and work directly with Tag

To learn more about the benefits of installing Tag, and how it works, visit

How do I install Tag?

You can do it in 3 easy steps.

  1. In Ontario, find a Tag authorized Speedy Glass location at and book your appointment. In Quebec, call 1-888-745-TAG1 (1-888-745-8241) for your nearest TAG provider
  2. Bring your Liability (pink) slip as proof of your Co-operators auto policy to the appointment
  3. Contact us to provide your Tag ID and date of installation. We’ll update your policy

Want to know more about how much you could save on your Tag installation? Contact your financial representative.

Additional tips to prevent car theft

While Tag is a recommended security device especially for higher-risk vehicles, there are some simple steps everyone can take to protect their vehicles from being stolen.

  • Keep your keys or keyless fob away from doors and windows, or place them in a Faraday pouch
  • Turn off your ignition and take your keys with you whenever you leave your car
  • Lock doors and close windows when parked
  • When parked on a street, make it more difficult for a thief to tow your vehicle by turning the wheels toward the curb and using the emergency brake. Parking between other cars also makes you a lower target for theft
  • Never leave money or valuables in plain sight
  • Park in well-lit areas, or in garages
  • Install motion detection lights or a video surveillance system at home
  • Install a vehicle tracking device, car alarm or an ignition disabler
  • Consider a steering wheel lock
  • Consider having your windows and other major car parts marked with your VIN. This makes it more difficult for thieves to sell them

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, review Équité Association’s Top 10 most stolen vehicles list to see which makes and models are most at risk and get an auto insurance quote before you buy.

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