Carbon Footprint

Climate change presents one of the biggest challenges to both short and long-term value creation for our clients, our communities, and our organization. To demonstrate our commitment to a low-carbon future, we’ve made significant reductions to our relatively small operational emissions footprint, and reached our goal to be carbon neutral equivalent in 2020.

Specifically, the carbon footprint before offsets from our operations has been reduced to 7,798 tonnes of CO2 equivalent through internal reductions and changes in the electrical grid, and our net carbon footprint, including renewable energy and carbon offsets, is zero.

Our efforts to reduce carbon emissions in our operations reaffirm our commitment to the low-carbon economy and demonstrate that environmental impacts can be reduced without compromising profitability.

In terms of our investments, in 2014 The Co-operators became the first Canadian insurer to sign the United Nations–supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI)’s Montréal Carbon Pledge, a commitment to measure and publicly disclose the carbon footprints of investment portfolios.