Insurance Investments Group Claims About us

Sustainable investing

We analyze the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects of our portfolio to understand potential risks and opportunities, as well as create financial returns for our clients and positive changes for our communities.

Impact, climate transition, and resilience investments

The transition to a more sustainable economy will take coordinated effort and significant investment. We are committed to leveraging our invested assets to support the necessary transition to a sustainable, net-zero and climate-resilient future.

Climate transition investing

Through our asset management company, Addenda Capital, we’re working to build an economy that will support the climate transition. Addenda’s Canadian and International Climate Transition Equity Funds were first launched in 2021 with $100 million in seed capital from Co-operators.

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Impact investing

We invest for positive impact, through investments that create both compelling financial returns and positive social and environmental impacts that are measured, tracked, and reported. These investments are focused on climate solutions, community development, health and wellness, education, and food, agriculture and natural resources.

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Resilience investing

We are working with non-profits, research groups, investors and all orders of government to mobilize private capital and build more climate-resilient communities.

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The scope and impact of our investments

We are active investors in initiatives that focus on climate change, community development, health and wellness, food, agriculture and natural resources, and education.

(These impacts do not result solely from our investments, but depict the total impact achieved by the projects and initiatives in which we invest.)

$5.9 billion, which is 48.4% of Co-operators assets, are invested in impact and climate transition investments.

More than 2 million homes could be powered for a year using the 21.4 million MWh of renewable energy generated from projects we invest in.

76.2% of our impact investments are focused on climate solutions.

Invested in projects that provided 44,918 units of affordable housing.

Invested in companies that conserved more than 7.4 million cubic metres of water, enough to fill about 2,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Invested in institutions that granted 44,738 post-secondary degrees.

2023 Integrated Annual Report

Our co-operative is linked to the complex and dynamic world around us, and we report on how we engage with the world through our various roles – as an insurer, a financial planner, an investor, a business and a co-operative.

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