Our Sustainability Strategy is driven by careful corporate governance at all levels of the organization from our board through to our staff.

Board Sustainability and Citizenship Committee

The Board Sustainability and Citizenship Committee provides guidance and advice on sustainability and citizenship issues to the Board of Directors and management of The Co-operators Group and its member companies.

It oversees the development and successful execution of The Co-operators sustainability policy and sustainability integration and embedment, reporting regularly to the Board on progress achieved towards realizing the company’s Sustainability Vision and Community Investment Vision.

The Board steps up

Determined to reduce its own carbon footprint, The Co-operators Board of Directors took steps to reinforce their support of The Co-operators sustainability initiative. Specific recommendations were approved in relation to Board operations including travel, meetings, paper use, technology, sustainability education, reporting and measurement, and stakeholder engagement.

Senior Management Sustainability Steering Committee

Made up of senior managers from across the group of companies, The Sustainability Steering Committee is responsible for ensuring the effective implementation of the Sustainability Policy and recommending sustainability goals, strategies and operational plans.


  • Recommend company-wide sustainability policies and long and short term sustainability goals, strategies and performance indicators
  • Oversee implementation of the sustainability integration and embedment and monitor sustainability performance against the corporate sustainability goals, targets, objectives and reporting
  • Facilitate information-sharing and foster cross-functional coordination within and across departments in the development and implementation of our sustainability vision
  • Foster staff awareness, understanding and engagement with the sustainability policy and vision
  • Promote the balanced integration of economic, environmental and social priorities in decision-making and action and help resolve trade-offs and competing priorities consistent with the Sustainability Policy
  • Monitor sustainability trends and identify key sustainability issues and developments that will affect the co-operative and insurance sectors and should be considered in The Co-operators strategic planning
  • Provide advice on internal and external sustainability communication strategies
  • Promote strong and effective stakeholder relationships in advancement of sustainability, including insurance/re-insurance and co-operative sectors

Governance and Sustainability

Our success in embedding sustainability throughout the organization, including full engagement at the governance level, earned us a 2016 Excellence in Governance Award in the category of Best Practices in Sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance issues. The award from the Governance Professionals of Canada recognized our sustainability governance model and our progress towards embedding co-operative and sustainability principles into all aspects of our business.