Mutual funds

Mutual funds are an effective way to reach your financial goals. Through Cooperators Financial Investment Services Inc., we make it easy to access a range of quality funds from some of Canada’s leading fund managers: AGF, CI Investments, Dynamic Funds, Fidelity Canada, Franklin Templeton, Invesco Canada, Mackenzie Investments, NEI Investments, and SEI.

What we offer

A Cooperators Mutual Fund Investment Specialist can provide personalized advice to help you find the right mutual funds for your situation. That means factoring in your investment objectives, your time horizon, and your risk capacity whether it leans toward the conservative or the aggressive end of the spectrum. Choose from these types of mutual funds

Fixed Income funds

With a longterm focus on preserving capital and providing a steady stream of income, fixed income funds invest in bonds and government and corporatedebt securities. They are generally a lowerrisk option than equity funds.

Balanced funds

Balanced funds hold a mixture of fixed income and equities, typically with a split of 60% equity and 40% fixed income. The primary objective is to generate capital growth and income for investors.

Equity funds

These funds invest in shares of companies listed on the stock market. The goal is longterm capital growth, making them a higherrisk, higherreward asset.

What else you should know

Many mutual funds offer low minimuminvestment amounts as well as the ability to make regular, preauthorized contributions. As your financial circumstances and needs change, so can the selection of mutual funds you invest in.

Not sure if mutual funds are right for you? Here’s a guide to help you get a better understanding of the benefits, including diversification, professional management and more.

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