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Make sustainability work for your business

Sustainability initiatives for businesses go far beyond just being green. Find out how sustainability strategies can have a positive financial impact, increase employee loyalty, solidify your brand, and more.

STEP 1: Define what sustainability means to you

Before pursuing a sustainable approach, first consider what sustainability means to you. Perhaps it’s a strong link to the community or it aligns with an environmental issue. Find your niche, then define it with a mission statement or slogan.

STEP 2: Go green to strengthen your business four ways

  1. Boost your bottom line – Sustainable business practices aren’t just greener, they’re also more efficient and can save you money, too. For example, they help reduce waste and energy use. To start saving today, switch to post-consumer waste materials like recycled paper, biodegradable cleaners and LED lights.

  2. Enhance competitiveness – To increase your company’s competitiveness, choose to work with suppliers that align with or advance your social or environmental commitments. More and more consumers are looking to lessen their environmental impact by purchasing from sustainable-minded companies.

  3. Improve recruitment/retention – Championing sustainability can enhance your employer brand. It helps attract socially-conscious employees that are more likely to connect with your business and therefore stay longer.

  4. Bolster branding – Putting a “sustainable stamp” on your brand is a great way to differentiate your business from competitors and helps influence positive public perception. For example, add your mission or slogan (featuring your sustainability goal/commitment) to your logo, website or e-signature.

STEP 3: Enjoy “making a difference”

In addition to all the practical and financial benefits of a sustainable approach, be proud of the contribution your business makes to your community. Remember, the more you do to build a trusted, socially-responsible brand, the more you reduce operational risks and strengthen your business.

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