Insurance Investments Group Claims About us

Sustainable products and services

We develop insurance and investment products and advice to support sustainability, while making Canadian homes and communities more resilient to a rapidly changing world.

Embedding sustainability

We support our clients in making more sustainable choices and building their personal resilience. Together, we work to catalyze sustainability and resilience in our society.

Insurance products for sustainability

Our insurance products offer protection against risks, including climate-related risks like flooding.

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Claims and the circular economy

Our sustainable claims and partnerships promote the circular economy and reduce waste from the claims process.

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Sustainable investment solutions

Through sustainable investment solutions, clients can access mutual funds that drive positive outcomes: achieving your financial goals, while addressing some of the biggest issues facing our communities and the planet.

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Rerouting waste, redefining progress

We’re committed to reducing insurance waste and promoting the circular economy through our sustainable claims solutions. They are designed to reduce environmental impact and save costs that are reinvested to help clients rebuild in more sustainable and resilient ways.

Emissions from claims are currently outside of our operational greenhouse gas emissions boundary. The reductions mentioned in this video are estimations based on available data.

2023 Integrated Annual Report

Our co-operative is linked to the complex and dynamic world around us, and we report on how we engage with the world through our various roles – as an insurer, a financial planner, an investor, a business and a co-operative.

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