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Cars, trucks, and vans

This category includes any motor vehicle used for pleasure or business, or commuting to and from work, with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 4,500 kg or 10,000 lb.

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Commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles are used to carry goods, materials, and equipment for use, distribution or delivery. They can be cars, vans, pickup trucks, sprinter vans, tractor-trailers, dump trucks, trailers, refrigerated trucks and more.

We insure non-fleet commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles that weigh less 4,500 kg, and heavy commercial vehicles that weigh more than 4,500 kg. We also insure vehicles used in farming operations that are licensed and plated for road use.

If you own a large fleet operation or commercial garage, such as an automotive repair or body shop, contact your local financial representative and ask about our coverage options.

Who needs commercial vehicle coverage?

  • Contractors, including plumbers, electricians, and HVAC installers
  • Courier and parcel delivery business owners
  • Landscapers and gardeners
  • Farmers
  • Retail and wholesale delivery business owners
  • Food truck owners
  • Welders
  • Snow removal business owners

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Antique vehicles

Most antique vehicles are at least 25 years old. They’re usually maintained or restored to its original condition and stored in a garage during the winter. If you drive your vehicle during the winter, it will likely not be considered an antique.

Antique vehicles can’t be used for regular transportation, only rare trips. Owners of antique vehicles usually display them at shows and parades.

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How does coverage for cars and commercial vehicles work?

Whether you have a government or private auto insurance plan for your car or commercial vehicle depends on where you live. In Canada, auto insurance is different in each province or territory. Learn more about how auto insurance works in Canada.

What’s covered?

Your auto insurance policy for your car or commercial vehicle includes everything required by law. And you can increase your protection with additional coverage. Find out more about mandatory and additional auto insurance coverage.

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