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Building a world where everything has value and nothing is wasted.

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We believe in building a world where everything has value and nothing is wasted. But right now, 98% of waste from traditional insurance claims goes to landfills.

That's why we're changing the game on insurance waste with sustainable claims initiatives that help keep our clients’ belongings - even that cherished stuffie - out of landfills.

But our work doesn't stop there. We're committed to sustainability in all that we do. Learn more about a few of our sustainable practices.

Co-operators presents: CLAIM CHANGERS

See the CLAIM CHANGERS difference

A water-damaged couch looks as good as new after it has been cleaned.
Use the slider to see this specialized sustainable claims cleaning process in action.

Learn how we are building more resilient and sustainable communities

Sustainable claims

In addition to certified cleaning processes that keep household items and materials from the landfill, we’ve launched a program to support home construction that’s more resilient to severe weather. This program lessens the amount of insurance claims and waste as a result.
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Sustainable investing

We focus on investments that generate strong financial returns alongside positive environmental, social and economic benefits. In 2023, we invested in climate solutions that generated 21.4 million MWh of renewable energy, enough to provide electricity to about 2 million homes for one year.
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Climate action

We’re invested in the future. And a big part of that means doing all we can to build resilient communities and businesses across Canada as the climate changes. Learn more about how we’re helping address, mitigate, and adapt to the impacts of climate change.
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