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Windsor is the southernmost city of Canada, located directly across from Detroit, Michigan. Known as the “Automotive Capital of Canada.” Windsor’s manufacturing heritage has shaped its unique character over the years.

Even though it’s one of Canada’s safest and warmest cities, Windsor’s residents have to frequently contend with extreme weather like severe flooding, thunderstorms and tornadoes. If you’re a homeowner in this city, make sure you have added protection against flooding and water damage. Get in touch with our Co-operators Financial Advisors for a comprehensive no-obligation home insurance quote. Also ask about our competitive auto insurance and life insurance policies for a complete solution to all your insurance needs in Windsor.

Once you take the time to explore Windsor, you’ll find it has something for everyone, be it the city’s sprawling green spaces, annual festivals, historic sites or art.

As a matter of fact, some of the nation’s best collection of Canadian art is displayed at the Art Gallery of Windsor. The Tudor-Jacobean style Willistead Manor is another notable historic site in the city.

Windsor is also dotted with many gardens, with Coventry Gardens being the most spectacular. And if you wish to surround yourself with nature, you could head out to the Ojibway Prairie Complex, which is filled with parks, trails and nature reserves. 

Did you know Windsor is also home to North America’s biggest distillery? Since Hiram Walker purchased land on the shores of the Detroit River, Windsor has been called Whiskytown, Canada, with over 50 million litres of distilled whisky produced every year.

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