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Manitoba is one of the three Prairie provinces along with Alberta and Saskatchewan. It has a coastline bordering Hudson Bay and more than 110,000 lakes, including Lake Winnipeg – the tenth-largest freshwater lake in the world. Manitoba’s economy is based largely on agriculture and mining. It also has a strong tourism sector, being the only province with an Arctic deep-water seaport.

The cost of living in Manitoba is relatively low. Its most expensive city is Winnipeg, and even that is cheaper than most other cities in Canada. If you’re seeking equally affordable coverage for all your insurance needs in Manitoba, get in touch with our Co-operators financial representatives for a no-obligation quote. From home insurance and life insurance to tailored coverage for travel, businesses and even farms, you can trust them to give you the most customized protection.

And if you’re craving some fun in the sun, visit one of Manitoba’s many gorgeous parks, such as the Grand Beach Provincial Park on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, Riding Mountain National Park, or Whiteshell Provincial Park.  

You’ll be equally charmed by Manitoba’s cultural heritage. Explore the Mennonite Heritage Village in Steinbach, which tells the story of the Russian Mennonites in Canada, or Manitoba’s newest attraction – the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, which opened in 2014 as the world’s only museum solely dedicated to awareness about the importance of human rights.

If you wish to further discover this beautiful province, hop onto Provincial Trunk Highway 1, which serves as the main link between southern Manitoba’s largest cities, and its immediate neighbours, Ontario and Saskatchewan.

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The Co-operators Group Ltd. is a leading multi-line insurance and financial services co-operative that helps Canadians protect what matters most to them. It was built by prairie farmers who rallied to take care of themselves and their communities when traditional insurers would not meet their needs.

This same co-operative spirit continues to drive our vision, mission and commitment to Canadian communities. We make it a priority to help build stronger and safer communities by supporting resiliency-based initiatives such as mental health, flood prevention, and sustainability.

With a full line of products that cover home, auto, life, business, farm and travel insurance, we provide Canadians with comprehensive coverage and protection. In addition to our insurance products, we also offer wealth and investment solutions customized to work for you and your lifestyle.

We continually strive to be where Canadians are, with products Canadians need, when they need them, and however they wish to buy them.

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