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Sudbury is the largest city in northern Ontario. Once a world leader in nickel mining, it has since expanded from its resource-based economy to emerge as a major tourism, retail, economic, health, and educational hub for northeastern Ontario. 

Sudbury’s population resides primarily in its urban core and the smaller communities scattered around 330 lakes and among hills of rock blackened by historical smelting activity.

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Sudbury residents love their city for its abundance of freshwater lakes, pristine forests and woodlands, and ample recreational facilities. Bell Park, the city’s largest municipal park, is a great hangout for families. It features an amphitheatre, two gazebos, flowerbeds, beach, and a children's play area.

Sudburians also take pride in their city’s fair share of well-known attractions. Sudbury’s mining heritage, for example, is reflected in the Dynamic Earth, an interactive science museum that focuses on geology and mining history exhibitions. The museum is also home to the Big Nickel, one of Sudbury's most famous landmarks. The Inco Superstack, on the other hand, is Canada’s tallest freestanding chimney, and currently the nation’s second tallest structure after the CN Tower.

Three major highways connect Sudbury to the rest of Ontario: Highway 17 is the main branch of the Trans-Canada Highway, which connects the city east to west. Highway 69, also a branch of the Trans-Canada Highway, leads south to Parry Sound, where it connects with Highway 400 that goes all the way to Toronto.

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