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Financial Advisor Programs

The Co-operators Financial Advisors demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and drive community leadership through a variety of local programs.

Advisors for Sustainable Communities

The Advisors for Sustainable Communities Program emphasizes that there are many paths to social, environmental and economic sustainability, and recognizes the activities that Financial Advisors undertake to build more resilient communities. As part of the program, Financial Advisors can achieve Community Builder or Community Leader accreditation by completing sustainability activities through their business activities and practices.

Advisor Community Fund

Our Advisors are actively involved in their local communities, often providing financial support to help address unmet social, economic and environmental needs. The Advisor Community Fund supplements Financial Advisors’ donations to local community organizations, helping to enhance their community impact.

Advisor Carbon Neutrality Program

Through a partnership with Bullfrog Power, Advisor Carbon Neutrality Program gives Financial Advisors the option to power their agency with renewable energy. In addition, a carbon offset is purchased, enabling participating agencies to be carbon neutral. Since the program began in 2016, Financial Advisors have reduced their CO2 emissions by 18,305 tonnes, which is equivalent to taking 3,955 cars off the road for one year.