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Sustainable claims

Your home claim can help a Canadian family in need

With a home claim, contractors often remove building materials that are still usable. By re-using these materials, we can help the environment and reduce the production of new materials.

Co-operators, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, launched the Co-operators Reclaim program in 2014. This unique program provides Habitat for Humanity ReStores with good-quality materials salvaged from a home claim. The ReStores then sell the materials to fund Habitat for Humanity building projects across Canada. It’s an innovative way to recycle yesterday and repurpose tomorrow through sustainable building practices.

The Co-operators ReClaim program is another example of our sustainability principles in action.

How it works

Home insurance claims often produce salvageable materials that are removed by contractors.


The Co-operators ReClaim program delivers these materials to Habitat for Humanity ReStores, where proceeds from all sales of donated items directly support Habitat for Humanity’s building projects across Canada. The program turns a negative into a positive, diverting waste from landfills and creating homes in our communities.

What salvageable items does Habitat for Humanity ReStores* accept?

There are 5 salvageable items generally accepted at ReStores, nationally:
1. Quality building materials (windows, doors, lighting fixtures, paint, lumber, hardware)
2. Kitchen cabinets
3. Appliances
4. Furniture
5. Home d├ęcor items

If you need to make a home claim, ask about the Co-operators ReClaim program. It’s another way we can help give back to our communities. You can also start your home claim within Online Services. Sign in to get started today.

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*Regional differences do apply at ReStores, and can vary over time. Check with your local ReStore for a full list of acceptable items. ReStores do not accept clothes, food or any baby products.