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See how we embrace IDEA

We embrace the diversity of our people through an inclusive culture that supports our co-operative values and purpose. Embedding inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility (IDEA) in everything we do enables us to positively impact our members, clients, employees and communities.

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IDEA defined

Who you are matters. When you enter a Co-operators workspace, you’ll find that we promote a sense of belonging and create a safe space for our clients and staff to be their authentic selves.

Here’s what inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility mean to us:


A culture where we all feel safe and mutually respected. A place where differences are accepted and valued.


The range of dimensions, characteristics, experiences and perspectives we all possess as individuals.


An environment where everyone is treated with fairness and where individual needs are recognized. Everyone has access to resources, development and opportunities to be successful.


Products, services, facilities and resources are accessible to all of us, according to our differing abilities.

Our IDEA principles are anchored in our co-operative identity and come to life through our purpose, vision and values.

IDEA vision

Be a catalyst for a resilient and sustainable society through championing IDEA.

Our mission for IDEA

We embed inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility in everything we do to positively impact our members, clients, employees and communities.

Our action pillars

Our Employees

Increase representation of under-represented groups and create equitable accessible and inclusive practices and experiences for employees.

Our leaders

Establish inclusive leadership practices that promote IDEA and psychological safety for the benefit and welfare of our employees, members and communities.

Our culture

Cultivate an inclusive culture that embraces diversity where everyone feels valued, empowered and a sense of belonging.

Our business

Innovate our business services and their delivery to fulfill the unmet needs of our equity-deserving clients, members and communities.

Our community

Engage and build partnerships that advance IDEA within our communities.

IDEA at work

Employee Resource Groups

Employee-led voluntary support groups foster an inclusive and equitable workplace, lend a voice to historically marginalized and underrepresented groups, and cultivate a culture of inclusion and psychological safety. Learn more about our Employee Resource Groups.

Truth and Reconciliation

Our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation is not just an aspiration. It’s at the heart of what our organization stands for and demonstrates our co-op values in action. It’s a shared responsibility to acknowledge past wrongs and work toward a more inclusive, equitable and harmonious future. Learn more about our Reconciliation Strategy.

Purposeful partnerships

We partner with organizations that share and propagate our values of inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility. Our partners include the Circle Project, First Nations University of Canada, University of Waterloo, HOWL and LinkedIn Learning, among others. Learn more about how we support sustainable communities.

Intentional recruitment and succession planning

As a Canadian company, we understand that our communities are diverse, and we believe that having employees who reflect the diversity of our communities makes us stronger. Candidates are being asked to voluntarily identify some of their diversity dimensions, providing the insights needed to enhance inclusive and equitable hiring practices.

In the words of our employees

“I love the open space to share thoughts and encouraging stories and situations with the company.”

“Hearing so many people across the organization recognize how important this work is - I am so proud to be a part of a company that is dedicating real time and effort to this.”