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Why Co-operators?

A better beginning

We are a different kind of insurance company.

In 1945, a group of Saskatchewan farmers came together to form The Co-operators. In need of security and protection that the insurance companies of the day could not provide, these farmers created their own company in the form of a co-operative.

This spirit of ingenuity and co-operation in the face of challenge is still at the core of who we are, as we work to provide financial security to Canadians and their communities.

You can become part of this legacy, one that shows in our culture and people. You’ll soon see the direct link between our way of doing business and the healthy, balanced culture we have achieved together. Co-operative values guide us as we work together in a balanced, performance-oriented environment that supports your personal and professional goals.

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A better culture

We support one another as we undertake challenging work, and we have a lot of fun doing it.

When you work for Co-operators, you’ll be part of a culture that’s warm, caring, engaging and rewarding. This outstanding cultural character didn't just happen; it's been guided by solid leadership and the collaborative contribution of every member of our organization, past and present. You’ll be part of a team that works hard to develop an inspiring organization and an enjoyable place to work.

Co-operators is listed as a Kincentric Employer of Choice and a Canadian organization that demonstrates strong performance in employee engagement, agility, engaging leadership and talent focus. This recognition reinforces our commitment to making Co-operators a better place to work.

Making the workplace a pathway to positive mental health

Co-operators has been awarded a gold-level certification by Excellence Canada in the Mental Health at Work® category. As an employer and group benefits provider, we see firsthand the impact mental illness is having on Canadians.

You can learn how our partnerships with Kids Help Phone, Enactus Canada and Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) are helping to support the mental well-being of youth in our communities.

As one of Canada’s Greenest Employers we’re working hard to make the world a better place and create a culture of environmental awareness. We’re proud to be recognized for our commitment to embed sustainability into our strategy, decision-making and products and services.

A better way to do business

We do business differently.

As part of a co-operative organization, you’ll be part of a business that thinks beyond increasing profits and share values. We’re committed to satisfying the needs of our clients and increasing the sustainability and quality of life within their communities. We are owned and democratically influenced by the people whose lives are touched by our products and services.

The co-operative values that inspired our founders 75 years ago continue to guide our organization today; you can see them in our culture and people. There is a direct link between the way we do business and the healthy, balanced culture we have achieved together.

A better approach to sustainability

We believe in being a responsible corporate citizen.

We approach sustainability from three perspectives: environmental, economic and social.

  • Environmental: It's much more than just going green, although reducing our carbon footprint is a big part of our commitment. We’re also committed to developing our business in a way that builds on our financial strength while minimizing any negative effects that our activities could have on the environment and society at large.
  • Economic: Being part of a co-operative promotes economic sustainability because we return our profits to our member owners to invest back into their communities.
  • Social: Social sustainability includes our staff engagement, volunteerism, social responsibility, and community investment. You’re encouraged to commit to sustainable actions and behaviours at work, at home and in your community. We’ll also provide you with education on environmentally friendly options, such as recycling, composting, and reducing waste.

Find out more about our commitment to sustainability, and read our latest integrated annual report.