Simple tools for getting the right life insurance for your family

Finding the right life insurance is a conversation that can begin at home with your family. How much is enough? What factors do you need to consider?

These two simple tools can guide you through the process step-by-step.

Family discussion guide: talking to your loved ones

Discussing the impact life insurance can have on your family, lifestyle and future, may seem difficult, but the difference between having life insurance and not having it, is far greater than most people realize.

Use our family discussion guide to start the conversation today. We want you to be confident you’re making the right decisions.

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Advisor discussion guide: 9 key questions about life insurance

This comprehensive worksheet outlines the key questions your Financial Advisor will talk to you about. Use it to identify what you need, what you already have and what’s important to you.

To make the most of your time, bring it with you when you’re ready to speak with your Financial Advisors so you can wrap everything up quickly and easily.

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Choosing the right life insurance product

Term Life: : best for temporary needs, Term Life offers protection that ends at a predetermined time or age. It has the lowest initial cost, but premiums increase at each renewal.

Whole Life: best for permanent needs, Whole Life has no expiry date and comes with the benefit of fixed premiums and the potential for dividend payouts.

Universal Life: best for permanent needs and financial planning, Universal Life offers lifetime protection, with flexible premium payment, coverage and investment options.

Infinity Term®: best for permanent needs at an affordable cost, Infinity Term® is our simplest option. It offers full coverage and guaranteed fixed premiums.

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