Choose lifelong coverage for your children

Many parents invest for their child’s education, but there are other good reasons to plan for your child’s financial future. Depending on the products you choose, insurance and investment options for children can:

  • Get them started with a basic amount of life insurance now, when qualifying is easier. This allows them to buy more insurance in the future regardless of potential changes to their health.

  • Be used as a tool to accumulate cash value for their future financial needs.

  • Provide access to government programs to contribute to saving for their post-secondary education.

  • Offer financial support for you and your children in case of serious illness, giving you the time you need to devote to your child.

Children’s insurance products are a smart and simple way to protect your family.

The Co-operators offers a comprehensive range of products tailored specifically for each child’s needs:

  • Permanent Children’s Life Insurance: Take advantage of their good health now to give them guaranteed* and level premiums throughout their life.

  • Universal Life – Children™: Offers the greatest flexibility and has a cash value that you or your child will be able to use later in life.

  • Guaranteed Insurability Option: Throughout your child’s life, he or she may purchase additional insurance regardless of any health concerns that may arise over the years.

  • Child Rider: Add this option to your Life insurance policy to provide a level amount of insurance that protects all children in your family for one low cost.

  • Critical Assist– Head Start®: Provides you with funds to support your child’s recovery from one of 36 conditions, freeing you up to focus on your child’s health.

  • Versatile Portfolio™ RESP: Choose from a range of diversified portfolios and a full line of individual funds to secure your child’s future education, including access to government grants.

Take comfort in knowing your children are protected by a lifelong financial plan that best suits their needs now and well into the future. Contact us for more information on life insurance and investment options for children.

*As long as the policy is in force.