Sustainable insurance products

We have a number of sustainable products in our insurance and wealth business areas that have been developed in alignment with our sustainability strategy.

Vehicle Insurance

Hybrid Vehicle Discount

Drivers who choose to be kind to the environment by driving hybrids receive an automatic 5% discount on their auto policy premiums.


Home Insurance


With our Enviroguard coverage for either homes or condominiums, you can choose to replace damaged property with more eco-friendly and sustainable products. For just $40** per year, we will pay an additional 10% of the claim amount up to $50,000 for repair or replacement of your damaged or destroyed property with more environmentally responsible alternatives, such as bamboo floors, ENERGY STAR approved appliances and other earth-conscious options.

The coverage includes:

  • Environmental building materials
  • Sustainable construction
  • Greener architecture
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency

Envirowise™ Discount

Our EnvirowiseTM discount offers a 10% savings for eligible Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified dwellings through home insurance.

Power Generation

Wind turbines and solar panels are becoming more popular as sustainable methods of generating energy. If you’ve installed either of these, let us know so that we can make sure you have the right coverage to protect your investment. If your energy provider compensates you for the power you generate, we can also provide business interruption coverage of up to $20,000. Contact your insurance advisor to learn more.

Wealth Products

Socially Responsible Investments (SRI)

We provide a range of SRI options for people who want to invest their funds in ways that generate both competitive financial gains and social returns.

Companies are evaluated on social criteria including excellence in environmental management, positive labour practices, human rights, and the avoidance of tobacco, weapons, alcohol or nuclear power as major sources of revenue.

Business insurance

Community Guard

The Co-operators recognizes and respects the unique challenges facing the volunteer/non-profit sector, and its struggle to find accessible and affordable insurance coverage.

Our Community Guard solution provides special insurance coverage to volunteer and non-profit organizations, and provides rate stability to assist with the planning and budgeting process.

Wind Energy industry insurance

The Sovereign General’s Windsurance product is designed for the small to mid-size wind energy industry. From site preparation to grid hook up and beyond, this product provides comprehensive and continuous coverage. There is no longer the need to seek markets for construction coverage, operations or the production phase.

Farm insurance

Solar panel installation insurance

Photovoltaic installations are subject to a number of issues, including weather damage. This insurance is specifically designed to cover solar panels and related equipment on farms. It even covers installations by third parties that are renting rooftops to produce power.


In addition to providing clients with sustainable product choices, we are rethinking repair solutions to reduce waste within our claims operations. For example, 40% of damaged windshields were repaired rather than replaced in 2009, diverting waste from landfill sites.

When possible, our claims adjusters work with vendors and clients to find environmentally preferred solutions for home and auto claim repairs, including paintless dent repair for automobiles and products that enable us to repair, rather than replace, vinyl siding on homes.

We are exploring partnerships with some preferred vendors to donate salvaged property or building materials to charitable organizations, reducing waste and contributing to community organizations.

We have partnered with the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR), to take part in the Designed for safer living program. The program rebuilds total-loss homes to better than building code standards, with the insurer paying the additional costs. For more on the program, download the guide.