Our sustainability journey

We began our formal sustainability journey with the launch of our Sustainability Policy and our first Sustainability Strategy in 2008. At The Co-operators sustainability is defined as:

"Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.” – The Bruntland Commission, 1987.

Sustainability at The Co-operators considers environmental, social and economic sustainability; ensuring we are building resiliency in all three areas for the long term. Our approach considers the ‘way we do things’ from our claims handling and product offerings to our community investment and our people practices.

In the beginning, with our Phase I Sustainability Strategy from 2008 - 2010, the focus was on getting our house in order; walking the talk by embedding sustainable practices into our business operations and decision-making processes, setting clear goals, establishing governance practices, engaging stakeholders and putting in place plans of action and measurement to achieve those goals.

With our goals firmly established and having made internal progress, we shifted our focus outward for our Phase 2 Sustainability Strategy from 2011 - 2014, to being a catalyst for a sustainable society. As a catalyst we strive to create resilient communities for Canadians. Our shift from planning to action happened as a result of the engagement and efforts of our employees, our executives, our Board and our key stakeholders.

As part of our 2015-2018 strategy, our approach evolved. We no longer had a stand-alone sustainability strategy — instead sustainability was integrated into the 2015-2018 corporate strategy. More specifically, our strategy compelled us to integrate and embed co-operative and sustainability principles in all areas of our business decision-making, actions and processes.

We’ve continued our integrated approach with our 2019-2022 corporate strategy. We have taken steps to align our long-term strategy and performance with issues and trends impacting the world around us. We are integrating the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and are adopting recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Disclosure to plan, adapt and build resilience amid rapid change.

Our commitment to sustainability is aligned with our commitment to co-operative values and principles. With a focus on long-term thinking and long-term action, we believe they are inextricably linked. When a sustainable approach becomes simply ‘the way we do things,’ we will know that it is fully embedded in our organization.

We encourage you to explore our website to discover the ways we are putting our values into action.

We are honoured to be recognized for our sustainability efforts: