Need to make a claim?


Need to make a claim?


When it comes to claims, we're here to take care of your needs and get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. If you have to make a claim, we're a phone call or a click away, 24/7.

Start your Auto (excluding glass) and Home claims through Online Services. Save time by connecting to the information we already have about your policy. You can also add photos and documents to your open Auto and Home claims.

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Convenient ways to start a claim

For other claims, go to:

Help us process your claim faster

Looking for a claim form? Choose the form you need to download and print. Once you complete the form, you can send it to your insurance adjuster.

Has your vehicle been damaged in an auto collision?

Auto collision claim form (PDF).

Have you had property stolen, gone missing or damaged at your home, farm or business?

Property Proof of Loss and Schedule of Loss forms (PDF).

How we pay claims

You can choose to receive your claims payments in one of two ways:

  • Cheque mailed to your home address
  • Interac e-Transfer for claims payments up to $10,000

Not sure about making a claim? Just ask.

We're happy to answer your questions and help you decide. Your premiums won’t go up and you won’t be denied coverage in the future. It's all part of our Claims Guarantee.

Have an insurance concern?

If you have an insurance issue or aren’t satisfied with the service you receive, we want to know about it. Learn more about our complaint resolution process.