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Celebrate safely this season

Ready to celebrate the season with your holiday spirit on full blast? Before you do, take a few minutes to help ensure a safe season.

Building outdoor light shows

Does your holiday decoration display light up the whole neighbourhood? Make sure you follow all the necessary lighting precautions:

  • Replace old or frayed wired lights with new CSA-certified, energy-saving lights.

  • When replacing bulbs, turn off the main electricity supply to the outdoor lighting.

  • Connect outdoor wires to a grounded, weather-protected outlet.

  • Use extension cords safely and avoid overloading.

  • When installing lights, use a sturdy ladder and have someone hold it for you.

Also, keep the area around your property clear of ice to prevent your guests from slipping and falling.

Creating an indoor glow

When it comes to indoor lighting, similar rules apply. Use certified, high-quality lights and replace strings with frayed wires, which can lead to fires. Always unplug lights before going to bed or when leaving your home, or set them on a timer.

Be a responsible host

If you’re hosting a party, you’re responsible for your guests’ safety and what could happen if your guests leave intoxicated. Remember these simple tips to celebrate safely:

  • Stay sober so that you can comfortably control any potential issues.

  • If you are serving alcohol, have plenty of food and non-alcoholic drinks available.

  • Plan for potential overnight guests and have taxi numbers handy.

  • If you are not comfortable with your guests driving, don’t give them the option to refuse your help.