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Stay safe

Stay safe at home

Home fire prevention

Know the basics of fire safety at home, the potential danger of potting soil fires and how to safely use your fireplace and wood stove..

Smoke alarms and CO detectors

Find out what types of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are available for your home, and review our tips for installing and maintaining these essential tools.

Fire sprinkler systems

Fire sprinklers are installed everywhere except the place we need them most – at home. See how big a difference they make.

Family fire safety

Make sure your family is prepared in the event of a fire at home with this simple approach to fire safety.

Heating homes with oil

Learn how to safely heat your home with oil, avoid environmental damage and health hazards, and prevent oil leaks.

Radon gas testing

Radon is a colourless, odourless gas that can accumulate in your home and cause health risks. Find out how you can test for radon.

Prevent home break-ins

Summer is the most common time for home burglaries. Protect your home with a few simple tips

Stay safe behind the wheel

Safe driving tips

Does speeding save time? How long are your eyes off the road while texting? Get these answers and other tips for keeping you safe and saving you money on the road.

Car accident guide

If you were in a car accident, would you know what to do? This car accident guide is a simple reminder of what to do.

Road trip safety tips

Stay safe and get the most of your road trip with a few simple ideas.

Motorcycle and ATV safety

Ready to take your summer ride out for a spin? Make the most of your riding season with a review of these quick motorcycle and ATV safety tips.

Vehicle recalls

Check the national database for any vehicle safety recalls that could be putting you at risk.

Winter driving tips

Remember these eight easy tips to help you safely reach your destination while driving in slippery winter conditions.

Stay safe in extreme weather

Prepare for extreme weather

While you can’t stop storms from happening, you can prepare to reduce your risk and increase your resiliency. Be storm ready with these tips.

Protect against water damage

In Canada, water damage is the leading cause of home insurance claims. Learn where the water is coming from and how to prevent damage before it happens.

Flood safety

Protect your home and family before, during and after a flood with these safety tips.

Hail storm safety

They hit hard, fast and cause a lot of damage. Know what to do to prevent and minimize the impact of hail storms.

Earthquake insurance

Who needs earthquake damage insurance and what impacts premiums? Find out the key details of earthquake insurance.

Ice storm safety

Ice storms and freezing rain can cause widespread blackouts and create havoc on the roads and in our communities. Use these tips to plan ahead and stay safe.

Wildfire safety

These quick tips and resources can help keep your family and property safe.

Stay safe through every season

Ice dam prevention

Know the signs of a dangerous ice dam and how you can prevent them from damaging your home.

Winterizing your home

A few simple jobs around your home can save you money, prevent injuries and help maintain your home and property throughout the winter months.

Power outage protection

With temperatures dropping low throughout winter, find out how to protect your home and family from a cold-weather power outage

Holiday fire safety

Ready to celebrate the season with your holiday spirit on full blast? Before you do, take a few minutes to help ensure a safe season.

Closing your pool

Find out how to close a pool for winter. Get it ready to withstand the cold with these tips to protect from damage caused by freezing.

Reduce your flood risk

Limit the chance of flooding around your home this spring with these simple tips, and connect with us to make sure you have the right level of coverage.

Outdoor spring cleaning

Looking for a reason to get outdoors as soon as spring weather hits? Complete these smart home maintenance tips to prevent costly problems and help reduce your energy bill.

Roof maintenance tips

Canadian weather can be hard on our homes. Use these basic roof maintenance tips to extend the lifespan of your roof.

Stay safe at work

Reduce cyber risk for your business

These risk-prevention tips can keep your business cyber safe and help protect everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Farm fire prevention

A typical farm business has several potential fire hazards. Keep your family, staff and business safe with these fire safety tips.

Prevent workplace accidents

Office work and desk jobs may seem free of risk, but there are many common workplace accidents that can be avoided with a simple prevention plan.

Business insurance coverage

Being a business owner means handling day-to-day activities and planning for the future. Business insurance coverage reduces multiple risks and gives you more time to focus on your business.

Prevent business crime

Owning a business involves staying vigilant about preventing crime and protecting your information, clients and staff.

Managing holiday work stress

Here are 7 ways to help you reduce workplace stress, and stay happy and healthy over the holiday season

Stay safe on vacation

Keep your home safe when you’re away

Whether you're heading away to the sunny south or spending time with family in another part of Canada, follow these steps to protect your home from winter weather, would-be thieves and energy-hungry appliances.

Travel safety tips

Get the most out your travel experiences by staying safe and taking a few simple precautions.

Prepare for travel emergencies

Expect the unexpected when making travel plans. Have travel insurance and an emergency plan in place when you need them most.

Travel trailer maintenance

Get the number one tip for preventing water damage to your travel trailer and use our guide for opening, closing and extending the life of your trailer.

Travel insurance benefits

An injury or illness abroad could cost you thousands in medical expenses. Travel insurance is an inexpensive way to stay safe and travel stress-free.

Stay safe online

Managing cyber risk

We're more attached than ever to our devices in an online world. While technological advances have made our lives easier, they also present new threats. Here are the top security risks to be aware of and tips on how to protect yourself.

Identity theft prevention

Get to know the warning signs of identity theft and identity fraud, the steps to take if you’re a victim and tips for managing your personal information.