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Why is a property inspection necessary?

Our goal as an insurer is to provide you with the coverage you need to protect your property, while staying within your budget. For Home insurance, part of that process involves us periodically inspecting your property. We conduct inspections for several reasons:

  • To ensure your home is safe and you and your family are well protected.

  • To update your coverage, if necessary. Any renovations or changes to your home can mean a change to the terms or limits of your policy.

  • To ensure you’re receiving all available discounts. Improvements to your home can mean you’re eligible for additional savings.

  • To help identify hazards that could lead to a loss.

What to expect from an inspection

All home inspections are conducted by a representative from The Co-operators, or a qualified contract inspector authorized to evaluate your property. Here’s what you can expect during your inspection:

  • A representative will contact you to arrange a convenient time to conduct the inspection. Appropriate identification will be provided on the day of the appointment.

  • The representative will inspect your home’s heating system. This includes the tank, fuel line burner and any other parts relevant to the inspection.

  • A full evaluation of your property will be completed during the visit. This includes measuring your home, inspecting any outside buildings and assessing the electrical, heating and plumbing systems as well as wood burning appliances. For ease of interpretation, they may take pictures.

  • If your home is heated by oil, ensure your oil tank is accessible by removing any items that may be stored near the tank. For optimal safety, proper air circulation and leak detection should be present.

  • There is no additional cost to you for the home inspection.

Once your inspection has been completed, your Financial Advisor will contact you to discuss the outcome and answer any questions. Our home and property inspections are just one of the ways we’re working to serve you better.

To learn more about property inspections, contact your Financial Advisor.