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Protect What Matters

Protect yourself

Protect yourself against auto theft

Reduce your risk of vehicle theft with an anti-theft vehicle recovery system.

Protect against contractor fraud

When it comes time to choose a contractor to repair your home, here’s some important advice that can help protect you.

Condo insurance 101

Find out why you need condo insurance and the basics of how it works.

Why do you need insurance?

Find out why you need insurance and the basics of how it works.

Understanding policy documents

Your Co-operators policies are clear and easy to understand, and these definitions of common industry terms and phrases make it even easier.

Extreme weather and making claims

Claims spike during extreme weather. If you can’t reach us by phone, take these steps to minimize damage and speed up repairs.

Can you use your health card on vacation?

It depends on where you go and what service you need. When away from your home province, you may not be protected. Find out what's covered.

Rising cost of home insurance

More claims lead to higher insurance rates. Find out what issues are affecting Canadians and creating more claims.

Cannabis legalization and your insurance

The Cannabis Act, also known as Bill C-45, came into effect Oct. 17, 2018 legalizing recreational marijuana. Here’s how this landmark decision affects your home, auto and life insurance.

Service Review Panel

After an Ontario family lost their house to a fire, they looked to our unique Service Review Panel to overturn a claims decision in their favour. Here’s how it works.

Protect your home

Home insurance coverage

See what coverage is included in your home policy and what can be added for extra protection.

What’s your flood risk?

Find out the factors that determine flood risk in communities across Canada, and see where your home stacks up.

Material changes and your coverage

Discover what material changes can affect or even cancel your coverage if they aren’t shared with your insurance provider.

Replacement cost and actual cash value

What you need to know about the differences between insuring your property at actual cash value or replacement cost.

Rental property tips for landlords

Thinking about becoming a landlord or buying a rental property? Here are landlord tips that cover tenant insurance, rental agreements, and tenant laws.

Property inspections

Find out how a property inspection can help ensure your home and family are safe and well protected, and that you’re receiving all available discounts.

Comprehensive Water

Our flood and water damage insurance provides coverage for everyone, even those with the highest risk of water damage.

Protect your car

At-fault collisions and insurance coverage

What you need to know about being found at-fault in a collision, and how you can minimize the damage to your insurance record.

Auto insurance fraud

Some people go to great lengths to make staged collisions look authentic. Here are the top three scams to be aware of.

Auto insurance by province

How does auto insurance differ from province to province? Here’s a detailed breakdown.

What’s a write-off?

Find out how a car is determined to be a total loss and what you can do about it.

Auto insurance myths

Do red cars cost more to insure? What factors impact your insurance rate? Here are some common myths and the reality.

Protect your dependents

Universal Life insurance provides lifelong protection

Find out how Universal Life insurance provides flexible life insurance coverage to protect your loved ones while building your wealth.

Term and permanent life insurance

Compare your life insurance options and see what’s right for you and your family.

Smoking and life insurance

Find out why smokers pay higher insurance premiums, who is considered a non-smoker, and get answers to other frequently asked questions..

Life insurance: what’s not covered

Read a few common exclusions typical to life insurance policies.

Pre-existing conditions

Being denied life insurance or critical illness insurance because of a pre-existing condition is a common misconception.