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Auto insurance and safety tips for young drivers

In most provinces, young drivers, who have completed the first stage of the licensing process, are covered free of charge under their parents’ policies, if they’re listed as a driver. However, requirements do vary by province, so it’s best to call your Financial Advisor to confirm.

How to save more

Most insurance companies offer discounts for young drivers who pass an approved driver education program, after they’re fully licensed. In some provinces, new drivers may also earn discounts if they don't have any at-fault accidents or chargeable convictions during their licensing process.

You might also save money on premiums by encouraging your child to gain driving experience on your car before they purchase their own. Other ways to save include increasing deductibles and removing unnecessary coverage, such as collision coverage on older vehicles.

Safety tips for young drivers

Help young drivers get off to a safe start with these tips:

  • Take them for practice driving sessions in various weather conditions.
  • Ask them to outline any route they'll be taking on their own and an approximate time they'll be home.
    If the car breaks down, or if they don’t return home, you'll know what route to retrace.
  • Warn them about the dangers of drunk and/or distracted driving. They may think they’ve heard it all
    before, but keep reminding them not to drink, chat on their phones or text when driving. Essentially,
    drill home the importance of driving completely distraction free.
  • Talk about the consequences of road rage. Being rude to other drivers can lead to serious
    confrontations young drivers might not anticipate.
  • Make sure your young driver always has extra money or an auto club card when driving alone. If the
    vehicle breaks down and they need to call a tow truck, or they've been drinking and need to take a
    cab, they should have cash or the resources to get home safely.