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Who we are

The Co-operators group of companies includes Co-operators General Insurance Company, Co-operators Life Insurance Company, Federated Agencies Limited, Unifed Insurance Brokers Limited, Co-operators Financial Services Limited, CUMIS General Insurance Company, and The Sovereign General Insurance Company.

Further details regarding the purposes for which we collect, use or disclose your personal information

We think it's important that you understand how we collect, use or disclose your personal information. Listed below is a more detailed explanation of the purposes for which we may collect, use, or disclose your personal information:

1. To evaluate your insurability, process your application, and issue a policy, including:

  • confirming your identity
  • verifying the information you disclose (for example verifying your address or your phone number, and your driving records, where applicable, by accessing your provincial Motor Vehicle Report (MVR))
  • detecting, investigating, suppressing, and preventing errors and omissions and/or fraud (for example for online purchases we may verify the location you are transacting from, the unique identity of the device you are using or the email address). Where permitted by law, we may obtain and share information with other organizations for these purposes.
  • obtaining access to historical insurance policy and claim details through property and casualty industry databases
  • performing medical and lifestyle assessments
  • in some circumstances, obtaining a consumer report
  • processing your application
  • in some instances, determining if we need to place your coverage with another insurer or a reinsurer
  • issuing your policy
  • billing and processing payments, including debt collections and setting-up pre-authorized payments if you choose to do so

In connection with these purposes, we may also obtain and exchange information about you, such as prior insurance experience, claims history reports, credit reports (as applicable), medical history, and driving and motor vehicle reports, with our agents and brokers, member companies and third parties (including other insurers, credit reporting agencies, and insurance and government sources). In order to maintain the accuracy and comprehensiveness of their records, we provide certain information in connection with your application to credit reporting agencies and insurance industry databases.

2. To administer your insurance policy, including:

  • processing policy changes, renewals and terminations
  • validating who you are
  • communicating with you regarding products and services you have with us
  • recording and monitoring calls to ensure quality customer service, dispute resolution or training development of staff
  • issuing surveys
  • confirming your registration for our Online Services (OLS) secure site
  • evaluating your insurability at your insurance policy renewal
  • in some instances, placing your coverage with another insurer or reinsurer
  • disclosing policy information to leaseholders, lienholders, mortgagees, and other persons with an insurable interest, employers and plan administrators in the context of group policies
  • periodically reviewing your insurance needs and determining the suitability of our products and services for you
  • performing monitoring and audit activities

3. To assess and process claims, including:

  • verifying client information and validating claim information provided
  • reviewing previous claims, if applicable
  • assessing eligibility for benefits payments
  • assessing damage or injury and determining benefits
  • obtaining compensation or contribution from third parties
  • settling any disputes with third parties
  • facilitating claim adjustment activities with the collaboration of third parties as required (e.g., property repairs, rehabilitation)
  • detecting, investigating, and preventing errors and omissions
  • detecting, investigating, suppressing and preventing fraud or illegal activities, including by pursuing criminal or civil actions. Claim information may be pooled with information from other sources and may be subject to analysis for the limited purposes of preventing and investigating. For this purpose, the information may be disclosed to fraud prevention organizations, other insurance companies, and the police, and databases or registers used by the insurance industry to analyze and check information provided against existing information.
  • making claim payments
  • coordinating payments

4. To conduct business analysis and data analytics, including:

  • using your personal information in conjunction with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence techniques to perform business analysis and data analytics (for example to enable us to automate underwriting decisions to simplify and accelerate your insurance purchasing experience, or to enable us to detect patterns of fraud to reduce its impact and, ultimately, lower premiums)

Additional collection and disclosure of your personal information

We may, where necessary or appropriate, obtain and exchange information about you with the police, witnesses, property valuators, medical professionals, your employer, industry databases and organizations, fraud prevention organizations (through data pooling and data analytics), credit reporting agencies, other insurers, government agencies and your benefits providers.

Your information may be disclosed to our third-party service providers, both within and outside of Canada, for processing, storage, analysis and disaster recovery purposes. Your personal information may be subject to disclosure to those duly authorized under the laws of Canada and applicable foreign jurisdictions.

For additional information regarding our collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information, please refer to our privacy policy.

For any questions about our privacy practices, please contact the Privacy Office at