Baggage Protection

Immediately notify the applicable airline, hotel, transport authority, or any other carrier or bailee if the Insured property was in their custody at the time of loss or damage.

A police report is required if the baggage and/or personal effects were stolen. As this policy has limited coverage, it is to your benefit to report large losses to your homeowners insurance company.

This insurance does not pay replacement cost. The maximum allowed per item or group of related items is $300. The amount of loss or damage sustained in each event shall be determined seperately and a deductible of $50 will be applied from the determined amount.

How to Make a Claim - Baggage

  1. Submit your claim online through Allianz Global Assistance’s secure Claims Portal.

  2. Brief written explanation of the incident leading to the loss.

  3. Copy of loss report from airline, hotel or other transport authorities for loss, damaged baggage or personal effects, and copy of settlement or denial of liability from airline, hotel, homeowner's insurance or other responsible party (if applicable).

  4. Police report for any loss caused by direct theft or robbery.

  5. Proof of ownership, i.e. receipts, photos, credit card statements, owner's manual.

  6. Proof of travel.

  7. If item is being repaired, copy of the repair bill.

Delayed Baggage
(only available with Trip Cancellation Select Plan)

Please submit original receipts for essential items purchased, along with a report from the airline confirming the delay of your luggage for 12 hours or more.

To assist the processing of your claim, please provide the requested information, including a valid e-mail address. Please note that the security setting of your e-mail account needs to be properly set to avoid our e-mails being directed into your spam folders