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Save on home insurance

Looking to trim costs on your home insurance? Talk to your financial representative about reviewing your coverage to make sure you're getting all the discounts you're eligible for. You may qualify for one or more of the following discounts on your insurance policy.


New home* A discount may apply based on the age of the dwelling.
Mature client discount If you're 55 years of age or older, you can save on your home insurance premium. Homeowners, tenants and condominium unit owners all qualify.
Protection system discount Having an approved burglar or fire alarm on the premises will also save you money. Under condominium or tenant insurance, the alarm must be inside the unit to qualify.
Automatic fire sprinkler discount Having a professionally installed and fully operational fire sprinkler system on the premises can save you money.
Automatic water shut-off discount Having a professionally installed and fully operational water shut-off system on the premises will also save you money.
Multi-product discount If you purchase other lines of insurance with us, such as an auto or life policy, you may qualify for our multi-product discount.
Claims-free credit Ask about this credit if you've never made a claim.
Sustainability discount Our Envirowise™ discount offers savings for owners of eligible Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified homes. Condominium unit owners or tenants may also qualify for Envirowise.
Co-operative housing discount*
Members of co-operative housing developments qualify for a discount on their personal property premium.
Mortgage-free discount
Homeowners who do not have a mortgage or secured line of credit on their home may qualify for a discount.

*Not available in Quebec.

How to save on your home insurance

You can control your insurance premium costs in several ways. Contact your financial representative before undertaking any suggested actions to see how much you can reduce your insurance premiums.


Increase your deductible

Increase your deductible, which is the amount you pay if you make a claim. Make sure it's an amount that suits your budget and comfort level. Raising your deductible just a few hundred dollars could save you a lot of money. The logic in carrying a higher deductible is simple: it will likely be more affordable to pay more of the cost of a minor repair than to pay a higher premium over time.

Maintain and safeguard your home

Keep your home safe and maintained properly. Ensure you have a working smoke alarm, maintain heating and other systems regularly and inspect your property for potential trouble areas.

Buy all coverage through one insurance company

Purchase all your coverage through one insurance company. You'll reduce your paperwork and qualify for special discounts.

Think about insurance before making a purchase

If you're buying a home, you may discover the area you're considering is an area with higher rates for a variety of reasons. Your financial representative can guide you through this process.

Ask us about discounts

Tell your financial representative about all the safety and security features in your home to find out what discounts you could be eligible for.