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Farm liability insurance

Farming is a business, and as a business, you need liability insurance. Liability insurance, or "responsibility" insurance, provides coverage if visitors are harmed on your property, or if their property is damaged because of your farm operations.

It isn’t just major events that liability insurance can protect you from. The Co-operators offers a full-featured liability insurance package designed for what happens on a farm.

General liability coverage

Coverage for injuries to persons or damage to property of others plus:

  • Medical payments for injured persons, even if you are not legally responsible
  • Accidental damage caused by you
  • Legal defence costs
  • Legal liability from personal actions anywhere in the world
  • Coverage for legal liability arising from ownership, use, or occupancy of the farm, including the dwelling
  • Liability arising from normal farming operations
  • Liability from property damage to rented residences or farm outbuilding
  • Pesticide application liability

Optional liability coverage

Animal show/Plowing matches/Fall fairs liability

Cover your livestock when you take them to 4-H shows, plowing matches, or fall fairs.

Building construction liability

This is for farmers who act as their own contractors when building new structures or doing repairs to existing buildings on their farms. This covers you if you want to conduct any kind of  construction on the premises, and compensation for bodily injury of any of your employees.

Farmer’s market liability

In the busy, crowded environment of the farmers’ market, accidents can happen. Someone may slip on a stray apple, or have a surprise allergic reaction to one of your products. Unfortunately, these kinds of accidents sometimes result in lawsuits against the vendor. Liability insurance is a way of protecting your business.

Agritourism activities

Do you offer hay or sleigh rides for younger visitors to your farm, or run a maple sugar bush? Cover your liability with this insurance for these tourism-related activities.

Limited pollution liability coverage

This coverage helps to clean up damage caused by pollution.
We offer much more liability coverage than we’ve listed here. To find out more, contact your local Co-operators agent.

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