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Protecting your equipment and your business

While your property insurance covers your building and contents, it typically does not include coverage for your equipment when it breaks down. With Farm Equipment Breakdown insurance, you can rely on coverage for costly repairs to your equipment and, just as importantly, coverage to keep your business running.

Why choose Farm Equipment Breakdown insurance?

Farm Equipment Breakdown insurance covers you for property damage resulting from the sudden and accidental breakdown of insured equipment that is not automatically covered by a standard farm property policy. You can also purchase extended coverage, such as business interruption and spoilage, in the event that specified types of mechanical, electrical and pressure equipment are damaged by a breakdown.

We offer coverage for nearly everything you keep inside, or that relates to, your farm structures. Examples of insurable equipment include, but are not limited to, boilers and pressure vessels, electrical panels, bar-code scanners, monitoring equipment, milking parlors, automatic feeders, egg collection systems, and much more.

For more information on Farm Equipment Breakdown insurance, talk to your local Co-operators financial representative.

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