Retrieving unclaimed property

Unclaimed property is generally defined as a liability that a company (“holder”) owes to an individual or entity (“owner) when a debt or obligation remains outstanding after a specified period of time. For insurance companies, common types of unclaimed property results from un-negotiated premium refund or claims cheques. If the payee or owner does not negotiate the cheque, his property rights may be protected by provincial unclaimed property legislation.

The Co-operators Group Limited (CGL) and its subsidiaries (collectively “The Cooperators” †) will make reasonable efforts to contact our clients and return unclaimed property; however, there are times when the funds remain unclaimed. If you have reason to believe that we may hold unclaimed financial property on your behalf, please contact us at:

  • Call: 1-877-720-6733
  • Email:

Please provide your full name, current mailing address, daytime telephone number, the company you deal with and policy/claim number. Our Unclaimed Property Coordinator will search the database for your name and contact you within three business days.

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