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Whether your business is just starting out or becoming more established, we’ll help you find the right coverage.

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Commercial property insurance

Whether you own, rent, or lease your business space - secure your property, contents, and more. Stay protected from loss, damage, or theft.

Liability insurance

In case of legal responsibility for injuries or property damage, your business is protected. We offer extra coverage for your business, employees and directors.

Commercial vehicle insurance

Whether you're driving to a jobsite or delivering goods - our auto insurance covers all commercial vehicles.

Cyber security

Protect your business against cyber threats. We offer a standard and comprehensive insurance package tailored with higher limits and flexible add-ons, ensuring online safety for you and your clients.

Equipment breakdown insurance

Cover almost any mechanical, electrical, electronic or under pressure item against breakdown. If you operate production machines, there’s an additional coverage just for that.

Crime coverage

Get coverage for crime not covered by your property or liability policies, such as employee dishonesty, loss of money and securities, depositors forgery, and credit-card fraud.

Why choose us?

We are the one-stop solution for comprehensive business insurance and commercial auto coverage. Whether it is protecting your business assets or ensuring safety on the road, we’re here to help.

50+ coverage options

Ensure your unique business stays protected against unforeseen events with our full range of coverage.

Risk management

Be certain your business is shielded and ready to face any obstacle with our dedicated commercial risk management services.

Support and advice

Get tailored coverage to fit your business needs from our knowledgeable advisors throughout your business journey.