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Co-operators Life compensation overview

Co-operators Life Insurance Company sells individual life insurance and segregated funds through Co-operators General Insurance Company’s network of exclusive agents. These agents may also offer products from Federated Agencies Limited. and mutual funds from Credential Asset Management Inc.

Agent compensation includes sales commission and renewal commission each year the policy is renewed, and may also include contingent compensation.

Payment of contingent commissions may be based on profitability, quality of the agent’s portfolio, life insurance sales volume and mix of business. Combined, these measures contribute to our overall strength as a company and enhance service to clients.

Occasionally, the agent will receive additional compensation like bonuses or travel incentives. These incentives are not guaranteed and depend on superior agency performance.

Agents representing Co-operators Life Insurance Company are bound by law to inform you if they are in a conflict of interest position with regards to the proposed sales transaction.

Agents representing Co-operators Life Insurance Company comply with The Co-operators Code of Ethics and applicable provincial law(s) governing life insurance intermediaries. This means that any insurance product(s) an agent recommends is/are the one(s) suited to meet your needs. The recommendation will take into account the agent's analysis and assessment of your insurance and financial security needs.

Agent Disclosure

View Agent Disclosure and Consumer Disclosure (PDF).

If you have any questions on the Financial Advisor Information and Disclosure Statement, please contact your financial advisor.