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Saint John is a port city in New Brunswick, along the Bay of Fundy. A busy maritime manufacturing hub, it’s also the province’s most industrialized city. It remains, however, an incredibly affordable city, which is beginning to attract aspiring Canadian homeowners priced out of the raging hot Toronto and Vancouver markets.

Fundy Heights, Red Head and Forrest Hills are some of Saint John’s highly coveted, yet relatively inexpensive neighbourhoods. If you prefer urban living, you could find affordable condos and apartments in the downtown, including on Prince William Street, which is a designated National Historic Site for its concentration of distinguished 19th century buildings.

Get in touch with our Co-operators Financial Advisors in Saint John for equally affordable home insurance. Our Financial Advisors can also help preserve your quality of life in this idyllic city with similarly competitive auto insurance and life insurance solutions.

To get the most out of Saint John, take in its many natural and historic gems. The city’s numerous waterbodies, parks, historic streets, museums, and art galleries make it one of Atlantic Canada's favorite cruise ports.

The 600-acre Irving Nature Park, for example, represents six different ecosystems including forests, mud flats, salt marshes, volcanic rock, and a long sandy beach. The Reversing Falls are an equally unique natural phenomenon created by the collision of the Bay of Fundy and the Saint John River. The 890-hectare Rockwood Park, on the other hand, is one of Canada’s largest urban parks that encompasses forests, hills, caves, freshwater lakes, trails, a golf course and a zoo.

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