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Moncton is New Brunswick’s largest city and lies in the heart of the province. The city has earned the nickname “Hub City” for its central inland location and history as a railway and land transport hub for the Maritimes.

Moncton is one of the eighth most affordable housing markets in the world and buying a home here is still a bargain. You can get a detached home for under $200,000. If you’ve already found one, get in touch with our dedicated Co-operators Financial Advisors in Moncton for a competitive home insurance quote. Also ask for a no-obligation quote for our auto insurance and life insurance coverage.

Moncton is also recognized as one of Canada’s best cities to do business. Its resilient economy is supported by transportation, finance, IT, retail, education and healthcare sectors. Tourism is equally robust here. Magnetic Hill is the city’s most famous attraction and Canada’s most visited natural wonder. It includes the 40-acre Magnetic Hill Zoo, which is home to nearly 600 indigenous and exotic animals. Meanwhile, an optical illusion known as “gravity hill” also draws a lot of curious visitors to Magnetic Hill, where a slight downhill slope appears to be uphill. So, when drivers put their vehicle in neutral, they are seemingly pulled back up the hill.

Moncton’s natural beauty is enhanced by its equally rich assortment of art and culture. The Acadian Museum, for example, showcases Acadian art and culture. The Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen Art Gallery also promotes the Acadian way of life. Moncton’s unique saga of growth and survival, on the other hand, is vividly depicted through photographs and artifacts at the Moncton Museum located on 20 Mountain Road in Downton Moncton.

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