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Co-operators is a member of a vibrant and evolving co-operative movement in Canada that covers a wide variety of products and services in every part of the country. The diversity of our membership, both in terms of geography and across sectors, is integral to balancing our perspectives.

Map of Canada showing how many members are in each province.  From west to east,  British Columbia 8, Alberta 5, Saskatchewan 5, Manitoba 5, Ontario 8, Quebec 7, and Atlantic provinces 8.

The early members of Co-operators were largely agricultural and credit union members. In recent years, we have expanded our membership and sectors to include more diversity.

Pie chart showing the different kinds of business that make up The Co-operators.  Agriculture 39% (18 members), Service 31% (14 members), Financial Services 17% (8 members), Retail/Consumer 7% (3 members), Health 4% (2 members) and Labour 2% (1 member)

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