Insurance Investments Group Claims About us

Financial security for both you and The Co-operators

Over the past few years, we’ve all seen countless news items about the negative state of the economy. There seems to be little consensus on how much longer the downturn will last, and how serious the long-term impacts will be.

Despite the industry-wide challenges caused by unprecedented low interest rates and volatile markets, The Co-operators is managing to balance the risk in the global economic environment and take steps towards growth. We’re committed to finding long-term, innovative solutions so we can continue to meet the needs of Canadian communities.

We’re in the business of risk management.

As an insurance company, we are in the business of responding to our clients’ needs and staying strong during times of crisis. Always looking ahead, we started to move our investments to more stable markets long before other companies. We also invest in more conservative investment choices to ensure that we remain financially sound in times of market downturns. As a result, we have remained financially strong during this difficult time.

We have safer investment options.

If you’re thinking about your own investments and financial stability, contact your Financial Advisor and ask about our guaranteed investment products. 

We’re Canadian.

As a Canadian-owned company, we’re held to higher standards than insurers in most other parts of the world. Canadian financial regulations are relatively strict in nature; as a result, we aren’t as vulnerable to government deficits or the mortgage crisis affecting foreign-owned insurance companies operating in Canada.

We’re part of a co-op.

Our co-operative values guide the way we do business. Our decisions are based on what’s right and what’s healthy for our clients and communities. We strive to stay in challenging geographic areas, even when our competitors leave, and we work with all levels of government to help create a sustainable operating environment that is beneficial to our clients, our communities and our business.

We’re committed to remaining a stable and dependable source of investment knowledge and insurance products to the Canadian market. Talk to us today or visit our website to read more in our Annual Report.