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Environmental prosperity

Communities and businesses across our country are increasingly impacted by climate change. As risk experts, we have a critical role to play in helping Canadians address, mitigate and adapt to these impacts. That’s why we partner with organizations that help individuals and communities identify, prepare for and overcome climate-related risks. We also prioritize and scale initiatives that promote environmental sustainability and climate resiliency.

Partners for Action: helping Canadians adapt to the risk of extreme flooding

Through Partners for Action (P4A), an applied research network that was co-founded by The Co-operators in 2015, we work to provide insights that help Canadians and communities adapt to the increasing risk of extreme flooding across the country. The published “Canadian Voices on Changing Flood Risk” report, which noted that only 6% of Canadians are aware that they are at-risk, led to the development of an innovative solution, Comprehensive Water. This product provides all Canadian homeowners with broad, easy-to-understand coverage, even in high-risk areas. We were the first company to offer this type of coverage for Canadian residential property owners.

Canadian Red Cross: equipping Canadians with disaster risk–reduction strategies

Despite extreme weather posing substantial financial risks for Canadian households, many Canadians are unaware of the steps they need to take to protect themselves against this threat. We partnered with the Canadian Red Cross to build an innovative and community-based disaster risk–reduction program in which we are developing new models of informing residents, community leaders and governments about their risks, while equipping them with tangible actions that drive conversation and change behaviour at the local level.

Learning for a Sustainable Future: building climate literacy among youth

We partnered with Learning for a Sustainable Future to help build climate literacy for educators and high school students. Through this partnership, we are creating an online climate change guide for teachers of grades 9-11, presenting opportunities to deepen students’ understanding of climate change, while enabling them to become climate champions within their schools, communities and homes.