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Our co-op values in action

Our co-operative approach drives us to bring positive change for our members, clients and communities. Here’s how we embody our co-op values.

Co-operation is our competitive advantage. We perform our best as a company when we invest, partner, innovate and advocate for a co-operative and sustainable world. Putting these philosophies into practice, we gain the strength and resilience to face today’s challenges, together.

We put people first

Our strength as a co-op is inherently linked to the health of our environment, the resilience of our communities and the well-being of our people. That’s why we measure our success beyond our financial results. We base business decisions on doing what’s right for our clients and communities in the following ways.

Providing financial security for all Canadians

We service challenging markets, even when our competitors leave. We work with all levels of government so that we can operate in the best way for our clients, our communities and our business.

Expanding claims coverage

If there’s a way to pay a claim, we’ll work to find it. Look back to devastating events like the Fort McMurray wildfire in 2016, the Pacific Northwest floods in 2021 and Hurricane Fiona in 2022. We were first on the ground, providing counselling and financial relief to help get families back on their feet.

Addressing emerging and unmet needs

Our communities face new challenges every day. Through product innovation, financial support and impact investing, we foster and develop creative solutions to overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow.

We focus on client service

We’re committed to our clients across Canada. When it comes to coverage changes, we give clients a meaningful voice. We work with them to make mutually beneficial decisions through these initiatives.

Service Review Panel

Our , the first of its kind among Canadian insurers, gives client volunteers a chance to determine the fairest outcome in dispute-resolution cases. We’re bound by panel decisions, but clients have the right to pursue external avenues of appeal.

Claims Guarantee

Clear communication and helpful knowledge empower our clients to make informed decisions about a potential claim. means that clients can contact us, identify their loss, and assess their damages and any impact to their premium before filing a claim. If they don’t proceed, the loss won’t affect their policy.1

We support the co-op sector

As a co-operatively owned and controlled organization, we build meaningful relationships with our members and the broader co-operative community. Discover the ways we support the co-op sector.

Customized products and programs

Doing business with other co-operatives makes our organization stronger. We strive to be the preferred provider of financial security products and services to member and non-member co-operatives. We do this by offering customized products and services, like our unique ®.

Development and funding

We’re there for emerging co-ops in Canada. Through our , we support Canadian co-ops with business development initiatives.


We work with our members and co-operative partners to educate policymakers about the benefits of the co-operative business model and to advocate for stronger partnerships.

Participation in co-op associations

Through financial assistance and technical expertise, we support co-op associations provincially, nationally and internationally. And, as a proud advocate of co-op values, our president and CEO, Rob Wesseling, lends his expertise by serving as chair of the . Examples of other co-op association partners include:

Community partnerships

Supporting communities isn’t just about giving money. It also means rolling up our sleeves and getting involved. We actively participate in .

Investing in young leaders

In partnership with Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada, we provide a unique leadership development opportunity for youth who make a difference at their co-op and within their community through our .

1 Some exclusions apply.