Corporate Giving Program

In 2018, over $2 million was donated to numerous social enterprises, co-operatives, charities and not-for-profit organizations across Canada through our Corporate Giving Program.

Corporate Donations

We prioritize support on national initiatives, as well as regional and local initiatives where we have a large business presence, and where we have support from Co-operators staff, Financial Advisors or Board, and the broad community.

The Co-operators is helping individuals and communities build a better tomorrow by supporting and creating social, economic and environmental sustainability in Canada. Through our community investments and partnerships:

  • We promote the social wellness and health of Canadians, focussing on mental and physical wellness which contributes to more resilient communities, with a particular focus on youth mental health (ages 18 – 25).
  • We contribute to building financial security for Canadians, through insurance risk literacy, co-operative business development, job skills and employment creation for youth.
  • We scale initiatives designed to encourage environmental sustainability, reduce the risk related to climate change and create environmental prosperity.