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Corporate Venture Capital fund

Co-operators Corporate Venture Capital fund reflects our continued commitment to addressing the unmet insurance and financial services needs of Canadians and their communities taking part in a fast-paced and ever-changing digital economy.

In support of our innovation strategy, the fund focuses on investments and partnerships aligned with three key themes:

  • Meeting emerging and underserved financial needs
  • Enriching the resiliency of Canadians and their communities
  • Digital technology products or service solutions offering strategic value in our core operations and/or assist us in exploring opportunities in adjacent and emerging markets

As a strategic partner, we bring the following partnership capabilities to the table:

  • Large, purpose-built, cooperative financial services company supported by and connected across broader stakeholder groups, domestically and internationally
  • Existing footprint in property & casualty, life insurance, and wealth management, including a variety of distribution channels and partners
  • Access to various client segments
  • Ability and desire to collaborate and co-create with start-ups
  • Access to capital and experienced insurance and wealth management professionals
Case study: BlueDot - Detecting COVID-19 before the world knew its name

Before the pandemic, Co-operators considered the spread of infectious diseases and the risk of global pandemics as a significant threat to the health, well-being and financial security of Canadians. In 2019, through the fund, we were a lead investor in BlueDot, a digital-health company that uses big-data analytics to track and anticipate the spread of the world’s most dangerous infectious diseases.

In early 2020, BlueDot made world headlines as being among the first in the world to identify the emerging risk from COVID-19 in Hubei province and immediately alerting its clients of an impending threat with its robust technological platform. BlueDot also published the world’s first peer reviewed scientific study on the spread of COVID-19, which accurately predicted eight of the first 10 cities to import the novel coronavirus through commercial air travel.


“As chair of BlueDot’s Board of Directors, I observe first-hand how The Co-operators and our fellow social-purpose investors are uniquely positioned to gain immense knowledge and learnings to better navigate the impacts of new and emerging risks. BlueDot is empowering resiliency efforts in the face of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases that threaten global and local health, security and prosperity.” – Steve Phillips, Executive Vice-President, The Co-operators


Through the Corporate Venture Capital fund, we leverage our capital to partner with start-ups on the leading edge of new technology and innovations that will help meet the changing needs and preferences of our clients.

Partner with Co-operators!

Co-operators Corporate Venture Capital fund was developed to facilitate more innovative partnerships that can develop solutions to challenges we face as an organization and as a society. Please submit a high-level summary of your company and technology to Daniel Sinclair, Vice President, Corporate Development, Co Head Co-operators Corporate Venture Capital fund at

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